The Importance Of Year-Round Pest Control

Learn why year-round pest control with Spidexx is crucial. Winter pests, spring awakenings, summer swarms, and fall invaders - stay protected!

Katie Peckat

Published On:

October 15, 2023

Last Updated:

October 30, 2023

When you think of pests--like mosquitoes in the summer, stink bugs in the fall, or spiders in the spring--many people tend to forget that pests don’t magically disappear during the winter months! You may see fewer pests in the cold months, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t around. Read on for which seasons common pests are active during, and why a year-round pest control service with Spidexx is the most effective long-term method to keep your home pest-free throughout the year.

Winter Pest Control

As mentioned above, it is a common misconception that pests are not active in the winter. Unfortunately, pests like ants, spiders, and mice seem to have missed that memo! In addition, winter pest control helps control a pest population explosion in the spring and summer.

Ants are active year-round and tunnel below the frost line in the winter--unless, of course, they have a satellite colony in the wall voids of your home. If you are seeing ants in your home outside of summer months, this can be a strong indication a satellite colony is present in your home. Fear not, though, as with our year-round plan you also have free re-treatments which can be very effective to break up egg cycles and over time eradicate the colony.

Spiders are also active year-round, but during colder months when they make their way into homes they can be especially pesky. Our winter service involves a wall void injection in your kitchen and bathrooms where the plumbing goes through the wall, which helps reduce these pests as they go there looking for a water source. Interestingly--or horrifyingly--spiders that make their way into a home can actually live for several years, far longer than the same spiders can expect to live in the wild. Year-round barrier applications can help keep spiders out, and interior treatment is always available for these uninvited houseguests.

Mice are another pest that are active year-round, but during the winter they look for warm places (like your home) to nest and breed. If you are hearing scratching at night in your walls, you are probably dealing with mice. We offer a full-service mouse program which consists of three parts:

  • Inspection, where the technician looks around for ground level entry points to identify where the mice are coming in;
  • Baiting, in which pet and child-proof bait stations are placed;
  • Exclusion, where the technician seals the identified entry points up to the size of a golf ball. If the technician discovers larger holes, they will let you know so that they can be sealed by someone else in order to reduce or eliminate mice from the home entirely.

This is not an exhaustive list of pests that remain active in the winter (silverfish, unfortunately, are also active year-round), but rather a helpful guide to the type of protection you receive in winter with our pest control services.

Spring Pest Control

As the weather warms up, pests swing back into full force, so be prepared! Queen wasps, bees, yellowjackets, and hornets wake from their winter slumber to begin creating their new colonies for the season. Mice breed year-round and spring is no exception. Ants are most active during the spring as they continually grow their colonies. But the cyclical nature of these pests is why our service is quarterly--every home has different pest needs at different times of the year. Our quarterly barrier treatment is designed to keep insects and spiders out of your house, and if you ever spot mice inside just give us a call so we can get them taken care of as well. Spring can be a challenging pest season, but by setting yourself up for success with our winter service you will experience fewer pests as a result.

Summer Pest Control

Here is the season where almost all pests are out in full swing. Mosquitoes that bred during spring are active, pests like fruit flies and fungus gnats are more prevalent due to more fresh fruit and houseplants, and stinging insects have fully established their colonies. But fear not, these pests (with the exception of mosquitoes, which are a separate service) are all covered by your general pest control plan! The continual re-application of your pest barrier strengthens over time, and during this season you may need to take advantage of more of our free re-treatments to combat zealous pests between your services, which are available anytime by giving us a call.

Fall Pest Control

Summer’s winding down, the nights are getting cooler, so the bugs should disappear--right? If you’ve read this far, you can probably guess the answer is no. Fall brings its own pest issues. Mice are looking to move into warmer places to continue their endless breeding, stink bugs are trying to overwinter in your home, and box elders are trying to catch the last sunny days before winter comes, among others. Our fall service is exterior based (unless you are having indoor pest issues, which we treat for no additional charge) to reinforce and strengthen your barrier to keep these invaders out and minimize pests in winter.

Choose Spidexx For Year-Round Pest Protection

As we have established, each season brings its own round of pests, and the best way to protect yourself against them is with our year-round pest protection plan. Tailored for every season and every home and always offering free re-treats, our yearly plan keeps you on track to enjoy your home in every season with as few pests as possible. Click here for a free quote or call (844) 922-7742 Monday-Friday 9-5 to speak to a friendly customer service associate for more information or to get set up today! With Spidexx Pest Control, you are protected year-round from pests no matter the season. Don’t wait to protect your home year-round--trust Spidexx for the best in pest prevention all year long!

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