4 Safe Mosquito Pest Control Tips

Stay ahead of mosquito season with safe mosquito pest control tips. Enjoy the comfort of your yard with little to no mosquitoes this summer!

Mariana Aguilar

Published On:

May 16, 2024

Last Updated:

May 16, 2024

Are you tired of battling mosquitoes every summer and looking for safe mosquito control tips? Everyone knows about the all too familiar itchy bites you get every summer that mosquitos will leave every chance they get. Mosquitos are commonly identified by their slender body, wings, antennas, and 6 long skinny legs. They feed from the blood of humans or animals and are considered one of the most nuisance pests, as they leave behind red irritated bites that can be incredibly itchy. As we approach the summer season, when they are in their prime, learn about safe and effective mosquito control tips to make your summer mosquito-free! 

Remove Standing Water

A mosquito’s life cycle can heavily depend on near-standing water. They will lay their eggs in clusters directly on the surface of the water. They then go through their life cycle on the surface of the water eventually turning into full-grown adults. Removing water sources will prevent mosquitoes from continuing to reproduce and multiply in population. Some examples would be regularly replacing the water in birdbaths, gutters - which includes cleaning them so build-up is avoided, flower pots, and pet food bowls. Pools are another source of standing water. It’s important to have them clean and properly chlorinated, as well as covered to prevent the mosquitoes from breeding. 

Maintain Yard Maintenance

  • Keeping the yard clean - Yard maintenance is crucial, as mosquitoes are attracted to foliage on your property. They use foliage for resting and hiding during the day, as well as protection from predators such as birds, spiders, and other insects. If the foliage is near water, mosquitoes may likely lay their eggs there. Maintaining your yard by mowing the lawn, trimming bushes, and removing leaf litter will create an environment that will continue to keep mosquitoes away. 
  • Plant-repelling plants - Citronella, lavender, marigolds, and basil are some plants that have repelling properties for mosquitos. Planting these in your garden or pots around outdoor seating areas will naturally repel mosquitoes away. 

Install Protective Products

Keep mosquitoes away by installing protectives around outdoor areas, like having screens around outdoor seating areas to not get bitten by them. If in a public outing, use nets around strollers to keep them away from kids, or hammocks or beds to not let them near you. Also wearing protective clothing like long shirts, pants, or socks can prevent being bitten. As female mosquitos depend on feeding on blood to be able to reproduce, this will also play a part in keeping the population low with no source to feed on. 

Have Safe Approved Repellents

Having safe products to use for yourself and your home is extremely crucial as you only want the best for yourself, your kids, and your pets. Here are a few things for your home:

  • EPA-approved products - EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency enforces environmental laws and regulations like protecting ecosystems, research and monitoring, and providing information and resources to the public to name a few. Products that are approved are tested for their safety and effectiveness, which means they are the best products to go for. Also using these products as the instructions say, reapplying as needed, and placing them in safe conditions will maintain their effectiveness. 
  • Pest control service - Having a licensed pest control company to do their mosquito pest control will create a decrease in population around your home. Our company ensures all treatments done to your home are in safe conditions and are done by trained and licensed technicians who will know the most effective treatment methods specifically for your home. Our main focus is to ensure the products are environmentally safe, and fully effective, with additional treatments available with our maintenance mosquito service if ever needed. 

Choose Spidexx Mosquito Tips and Control

Try out these tips for your home to create a mosquito-free environment! While trying out these at-home methods, contact our office at (844) 922-7732 and learn about our effective mosquito pest control service. 

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