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Spidexx does an excellent job. Their techs are friendly and respectful, always on time and willing to work with schedules.
Jessica S.
Cheyenne is my favorite technician. She’s friendly & is always helpful. I would love to have her as my technician always please !
Sheila V.
I have been very happy with this company. They notify me in advance, arrive on time, get right to work and are very friendly. Their product, so far, works far better than expected. Would recommend these guys!
Debbie H.

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From big to small, we treat tough pest problems!

Not sure? We offer free inspections to identify pest activity.

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Each Home Gets a Custom Treatment

We've made getting started as simple as possible. Same or next-day emergency services available.


  • Visual inspection 
  • Barrier spray 
  • Dewebbing
  • Wasp nest removal
  • Spot treatments


  • Visual inspection 
  • Child and pet safe interior treatments
  • Pest monitoring devices
  • Child and pet safe interior treatments


  • Spot treatments in yard for ants and ground wasps
  • Add on yard treatments for mosquitoes, ticks, voles, and japanese beetles

Custom Treatment Plans

  • Flexible service frequency and payment options
  • Bundle & save with premium add on services

How it works

We've made getting started as simple as possible. Same or next-day emergency services available.

Free Estimates and Inspections

Once you fill out the contact form, we reach out by phone to provide you with a customized quote for you home or business.

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Your home is unique and you deserve a unique kind of pest control. Your custom treatment plan is designed with your homes layout and pest problems in mind.

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Relax with ultimate protection guaranteed. We keep coming back until the pests are gone!

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The Spidexx Difference

I have been a Spidexx customer for years. Their annual preventative service is a good value. The staff have always been professional and friendly. It is great to be automatically on their schedule and not have to worry about setting up appointments for each type of pest periodically throughout the year. I reached out for service and was able to quickly set up an appointment. Tim came to spray the house and was very knowledgeable, friendly, and more than happy to answer any questions. Every interaction I've had has been handled quickly and professionally.
Kristin-Yvonne R
Ants started surfacing in the house, so I scheduled an appointment. Forrest Faulkner showed up on time, yet I had an unexpected work call. He let me quickly share problem areas to be addressed, then quietly went about taking care of things inside and outside the property. Great service and I haven’t seen anymore ants so all is working well!
Teresa S.
Spidexx works as a wonderful preventative to pests! I've seen a significant decrease in spider and ant activity in/around my home since utilizing their treatment services. Tim G. is very professional, explains the service and areas to treat, lets me know of other services covered in contract, does a thorough job (especially removing outdoor spider webs!!). He is kind and even my dog doesn't mind the service visit. Best part is having a preventative barrier that is nontoxic to animals and kids!
Lo R.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to call you back to sort out a lingering pest issue?

If you’re within your guarantee window (30 day, 365 day, etc.), then any additional services are FREE OF CHARGE!

What happens if I still have problems after your pest removal service?

If you still have pest problems between regular maintenance visits, you can utilize a free emergency treatment at any time.

How long does my guarantee last?

The timeframe of your guarantee does vary from service-to-service. For example, our annual maintenance program includes a 365 day guarantee.

We also offer one time treatment options with a 30-day guarantee. When you call to set up your service, we will provide service specific guarantee information.

Why do you suggest ongoing service?

Most common pest problems like spiders, ants, and wasps are recommended to treat quarterly throughout the year. The exterior barrier product is only designed to remain in place for about 3 months. Once the product has worn off, pests will no longer be deterred from entering the home.

Additionally, with our on-going maintenance program you have unlimited spot treatments if any additional pest activity still continues.

Do I need to be at home for the treatment to be performed?

Whether you need to be home or not depends on if the interior of the home needs to be treated.

For our general pest maintenance program, we recommend interior service on the initial treatment and during the winter service. Otherwise, interior is only suggested as needed.

You do not need to be home as long as we’re continuously maintaining a barrier treatment around your home.

How quickly will I notice the results of the pest control treatment?

For most treatments, you won’t see the full effect until 10-14 days after it has been performed. Some pests like wasps and clover mites will be shorter like 3-7 days.

Question not answered? There's more info available on our FAQ page.

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