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Kristin M.

Published On:

October 15, 2023

Last Updated:

October 15, 2023

Ask anyone what their favorite pest is, and odds are, it will not be spiders! Approximately 5% of the world’s population say they are arachnophobic, and plenty more of us just aren’t their biggest fans. Though they do help by eating smaller insects, something about their excessive amount of eyes...and legs...means that these arachnids aren’t always the most-loved creatures. Fortunately, at Spidexx we are experts in spider control and prevention so you can have peace of mind! Read on for some tips to prevent spiders in and around your home.

Start From The Outside

Spiders are much easier to deal with before they make it inside, so an outside-in approach to spider control will help reduce the amount of spiders you have to deal with in your house! As you receive boxes or bring items into your home, check them for spiders (or eggs) before bringing them inside. This is good against hitchhiking spiders, but you want to take the process a step further by examining potential entry points of your home like windows, doors, and the foundation. Any gaps or cracks in these areas can invite spiders and other pests in, so do your best to seal up everything you can. Most spiders enter a home accidentally, and most accidents are preventable!

Trim Shrubs, Grass, and Bushes

In addition to having a beautiful lawn, you are also preventing spiders from taking refuge in these areas and then that much closer to entering your house as the weather gets cold. Anything that is growing against your home in particular is a must for trimming--there should be 6-12 inches of space between the outside of your home and any bushes, trees, or shrubs. Don’t give pests easy access by leaving your lawn untrimmed--again, the best spider defense begins outside.

Turn Off Outside Lights At Night

Even though it seems like we always find spiders hiding in the dark, they are actually naturally attracted to light! If you have the option to keep lights on in your yard for decoration or safety purposes, do so at your own choosing, but turning off the lights closest to your doors will help deter spiders from taking up residence around your doorways. If you want to keep your porch lights on, try switching to yellow LED bulbs. These have been shown to attract the fewest insects because the light the bulbs emit doesn’t register as well on an insects’ visual spectrum.

Keep Your Home Clean And Tidy

By removing food and water items that attract insects, you will make your home less appealing to the spiders that prey on them. Try to avoid letting things pile up, and sweep under places like appliances that you may not always check in order to make sure nothing unsightly is hiding under there.

Consider any piles of items such as laundry or toys. These can create nesting places for spiders to hunt, so if you’ve been avoiding a pile of laundry, it’s time to get it put away and give spiders one less place to hide. As a bonus, any other pests that may be hiding there which spiders could be feeding on will also be taken care of!

Utilize Professional Pest Control

These tips give you a great start as far as spider control, but for pre-existing problems or when things get overwhelming it is time to give the professionals a call. Here at Spidexx, our licensed and trained technicians are experts at spider control and maintenance. Spiders can be difficult to eradicate fully, but we are prepared! Our services include free re-treatments which are very beneficial to break up spider egg cycles and allow you to see fewer spiders overall. When you are enrolled in our quarterly maintenance plan, you can expect the following at every scheduled service:

  • A friendly greeting from your pest control technician, who will ask if you are experiencing specific pest issues to target them if so;
  • A professionally applied pest-proof barrier that dissuades insects from entering your home and strengthens over time, including common entry points like the foundation, door and window frames, light fixtures and eaves, and a full de-webbing of the exterior;
  • An emailed invoice detailing all treatment provided and any follow-up treatment if recommended.

Choose Spidexx For Spider Prevention Today

Whether you are dealing with common wolf spiders or rarer venomous spiders like the brown recluse or black widow, at Spidexx we have years of experience preventing and controlling spiders. Our technicians use industry-leading products applied in a manner that is people and pet-friendly, so you know you will be in great hands. To learn more or set up a service, give us a call at (844) 922-7732 or click here to get a free quote so you can make the most of your spider-free home!

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