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Spider Pest Control Services

The Wolf Spider is very appropriately named. It is usually gray or brown and is known for being very hairy. They are usually ½ inch to 2 inches in length. While their appearance may upset people and cause anxiety, it is important to bear in mind that their bites are not poisonous and rarely cause adverse effects in humans. They are not aggressive and will only bite when provoked or threatened. They are most often found in our homes in the fall when the spider is seeking a warm refuge from the winter.

How to Identify a Wolf Spider

Something interesting that sets the Wolf Spider apart from other spider species is the way they care for their young. The female Wolf Spider will carry their egg sacs on their spinnerets. After the eggs hatch, they remain with their mother for a whole month before finally dispersing. They also don’t hunt with webs. They actually chase their prey down and are very quick on their feet. Its because of this, and of course their unique appearance, that they are so often spotted by humans.

How to Prevent Spiders from Invading Your Home

Having clutter around their homes provides spiders with an easy foundation on which to build. Eliminating clutter will minimize spiders' presence around your home.

  • Make sure there are no gaps around the outside of your home that allow spiders easy access.
  • Screens should not be bent or torn so that spiders will not be able to climb through them.
  • Avoid leaving unattended rooms closed for extended periods of time. In areas that are free from frequent dusting and cleaning, spiders will feel at home.
  • Rather than keeping storage items in cardboard boxes where spiders can easily get in, store them in plastic, airtight containers.

How Much Does Spider Pest Control Cost?

Unless we conduct a thorough inspection of your home, it can be difficult to determine the extent of an infestation. A good control program limits spiders' access to food. Most spiders eat insects, so reducing exterior lighting can help reduce outdoor infestations. Indoor spiders cannot be controlled by spraying outdoors, if only because most indoor spiders do not come from outdoor habitats. Several spider species only live indoors.

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