7 Tips For A Pest-Free New Year

Prepare for a pest-free year! Learn how to store decorations, treat pets, maintain outdoor areas, and more. Spidexx Pest Control is here to help!

Kristin M.

Published On:

October 13, 2023

Last Updated:

October 13, 2023

Once the flurry of excitement that the holiday season brings starts to wind down, it is time to look forward to a new year as we reflect on the past one and set goals for the upcoming year. Lots of people make New Year’s resolutions or use the beginning of the year as a fresh start, and we encourage you to do the same around your house! We will go over several ways you can help minimize pest activity inside and around your home to start the year off right.

Properly Store Decorations

Whether you are putting decorations up or taking them down, this is a great opportunity for you to get one step ahead of pests! As you take things out of storage, inspect them carefully for live insects, eggs, dead insects, or other signs of pest damage (like mice nibbling on the outside of a cardboard box). Now break the cycle by ensuring everything is stored in plastic bins. This can be doubly handy if you use clear plastic bins so you can see inside of them! However, any plastic bin with an airtight lid will work the same way--it seals your items and protects them from insects, spiders and mice. On the flip side, as you put decorations away make sure they are free of any hitchhiking pests, then store them in their plastic bins until it is time to take them out again. And if your boxes become just a little bit more organized, that’s an added bonus!

Treat Pets For Fleas And Ticks

Whether prescribed from the vet or over-the-counter, the best way to prevent fleas and ticks from infesting your home is to treat the pets they come in on. Different products such as flea drops or flea collars last for different amounts of time, so make sure to stay current on re-applications.

As it gets cold outside, lost or stray pets will look for warm places to stay. Whether you find a stray dog in your garage or give a freezing cat refuge from the snow, always be mindful of pests you may be bringing into your home and keep a flea shampoo handy to bathe old and new pets in as needed. At Spidexx, we offer flea control services as well, in case your furry friend has bitten off more than it can chew!

Trim Trees, Bushes, Grass and Shrubs

Even in winter, it is important to make sure you are not making it any easier for pests to have access to your home. Trees or shrubs that have not been pruned back from the foundation by 6-12 inches can provide a gateway to pests looking for warm shelter--so don’t let it happen. It may be chilly outside, but if you have trees, bushes or shrubs that shed their leaves in winter, now is a great time to see just how close to the house everything may be and cut back wherever needed in order to minimize pest activity now and going forward.

Take Care Of Trash

Whether it’s inside or outside, trash accumulating is unsightly and a breeding ground for pests. Mice will chew through just about anything, including many items found in garbage, either to forage from or use to build nests. Other pests like centipedes and beetles find homes among the clutter, and then spiders are attracted to them. To prevent this snowball effect, clean up messes as they occur. Wipe any spilled drinks or food up immediately before you have scout ants looking to take that food back to their colony.

Outside, keep your lawn and area around your home (including your garage) as tidy as possible. Piles of fallen leaves can present a perfect harborage site for ants, spiders, ticks, stink bugs, and spiders. And if they are piled directly against your home, it becomes easier for these pests to make their way inside. Don’t give them the chance--keep your home clean and not only will it look better, but you will also feel better while minimizing pests!

Keep Gutters Clear

Yes, it’s cold outside--but it’s important to ensure your gutters are kept clear year-round. Debris like leaves, pinecones, or even frozen water can pile up and cause slower drainage, or worse, spill out and possibly cause damage to your home or roof. Consider utilizing gutter guards or a gutter filter, especially if this is a recurring issue with your home. There are even ways to heat a gutter so it doesn’t stay iced over and instead continues draining water even if it is below freezing outside, such as with a cable or heat tape. Keeping your gutters maintained is a year-round task, and by not neglecting it in the coldest months you ensure you stay on top of it.

New Year, New Cleaning Routine

If this list seems monumental, know that you are not alone. Many homeowners get lax from time to time with household upkeep. Unfortunately, that just means once you get out and do it again there is more to do. As the New Year begins, consider revamping your cleaning schedule. List out what items need to be done daily or several times a week, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Distribute chores as much as possible so that everyone’s load is lightened. And--most importantly--stick to it! The new habit you build will help keep your home safe from pests and well-maintained for years to come.

Utilize Professional Pest Control

Just as maintaining your home is a year-round job, at Spidexx we understand the same is true for pest control. We are here for you all year round because so are the pests! When you choose the professionals at Spidexx, you receive individualized attention to pest issues specific to your home, licensed and trained technicians, and industry-leading products and application techniques. Our products are safe for children, pets, and the elderly so you can rest easy knowing Spidexx Pest Control will help you keep your resolution of a pest-free home this year! Call us today at (844) 922-7732 to find out more and get a free quote over the phone. We wish you and all your loved ones a pest-free Happy New Year!

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