Why You Should Start Preparing For Mosquitoes During Spring

Prepare for mosquito season this spring! Learn why and how to prevent infestations with these tips. Keep your family safe from itchy bites.

Coleman Spaulding

Published On:

October 12, 2023

Last Updated:

October 12, 2023

Now that spring is in full swing, it's time to start thinking about preparing for those pesky mosquitos—especially if you live in the Midwest. While there will always be a certain level of mosquito activity during the warmer months, proactively preventing mosquito infestations is key to avoiding a population explosion come summer. Below, we’ll explain why you should start preparing for mosquitoes during spring and give tips to help keep your family safe from their itchy and dangerous bites.

Mosquitoes Love All The Moisture Springtime Brings

Spring can bring lots of rain and increased humidity levels, encouraging growth throughout nature—mosquitoes included. Standing water provides ideal egg-laying environments for female mosquitoes, so anytime you have wet soil or stagnant puddles near your house, you could be looking at possible breeding grounds. Look around your yard after rainfall and take measures to reduce the amount of standing water that accumulates:

  • Drain buckets or cover them with lids.
  • Remove other sources of standing water, like tires, which may collect water.
  • Mow frequently to keep grass short.

Additional Tips to Protect Your Home from Mosquitoes

Along with removing sources of standing water around your property, you’ll want to keep the following tips in mind.

Seal Openings and Repair Screens

Mosquitoes can also enter your home through small openings, such as gaps under doors or screens with holes in them. Make sure they don’t gain access to indoor areas by ensuring all windows are properly screened and any cracks around doors or windows are sealed up tight with caulk. This will also help reduce air leaks, which can drive up energy costs!

Wear Repellent with DEET, Lemon-eucalyptus, or Picaridin

Insect repellents provide an easy way to avoid bites when spending time outdoors during warmer seasons. Spray insect repellent containing DEET, lemon-eucalyptus, or picaridin on your skin and clothes before heading out, reapplying if necessary throughout the day.

Use Landscaping to Your Advantage

Mosquitoes are adverse to various strong smells, so plant herbs like mint, basil, catnip, lavender, and rosemary around outdoor living spaces to help repel these insects naturally.

Bottom Line

Prevention is critical when it comes to avoiding mosquito infestations—if you live in an area prone to high levels of mosquito activity, take steps before summer begins! Taking small actions now, like inspecting your yard for standing water and applying insect repellent, will help keep you safe from bothersome bites during the warmer months ahead!

Let our pest experts at Spidexx Pest Control help you keep the mosquitoes at bay! For effective mosquito control, contact us at Spidexx Pest Control today!

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