What To Expect From Pest Control

Spidexx offers worry-free pest protection. From initial treatment to emergency spot treatments, enjoy customized solutions from a caring small business. Schedule yours now!

Katie Peckat

Published On:

October 13, 2023

Last Updated:

October 13, 2023

Are you tired of battling unwanted pests inside your home? We’ll take the worry out of pest prevention. Whether you’ve used pest control before or it's your first time, we will walk you through what you can expect from pest control with Spidexx.

Worry-Free Protection

First on the list is worry-free protection! When you choose Spidexx, you get back the time you’ve spent tackling tough pest problems. We create customized treatment plans designed to target your homes or business’ unique pest problems. Our #1 priority is safety; number two is eliminating pests. We use the safest products available, that have been rated for use in schools, hospitals, daycares and kennels.

Initial Flush Out

When first using pest control, you may experience an increase in pest activity (what we call a “flush out”). What you’re seeing are the pests that were hiding behind the walls and floors. This flush out reduces interior pest activity overtime. If you’re experiencing a flushing out in your home, you will need to utilize the Ultimate Protection Guarantee, which is included in all of our maintenance programs.

Unlimited Emergency Spot Treatments

Our Ultimate Protection Guarantee includes unlimited emergency spot treatments for your home. This is an important piece of your customized treatment plan. Every home is different. Which is why our unlimited guarantee offers fully customized treatments, designed specifically for your home. . You can contact us anytime between services to retreat, at no additional cost.

Convenient Communication and Billing

Spidexx is a paperless company. We send communication through email and SMS. Our online portal allows convenient access to billing, service summaries, and past treatment information.

Custom Pest Solutions from a Small Business

When you choose Spidexx, you choose a service from a small business that cares to the core. Our customer experience team will walk you through what you can expect from treatments and create a customized treatment plan for your home or business.

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