The Spidexx Winter Pest Control Checklist

Protect your home from common winter pests with these expert tips! Safeguard against unwanted guests and maintain a pest-free environment.

Katie Peckat

Published On:

October 16, 2023

Last Updated:

October 30, 2023

Winter is here! It's brought with it holiday cheer, freezing temperatures, and the shift of pest activity from the exterior to the interior of homes. Insects are living within wall voids to overwinter, and mice are seeking out access points to nest indoors. Common winter pests are mice, spiders, and ants. It’s crucial to protect your home year round from unwanted insects and rodents. The first step to protecting your home is maintaining a quarterly pest control treatment, which includes interior winter pest control treatments. Once you’ve established a strong barrier around your home, here are a few extra steps you can take to pest proof your home this winter!

Store Firewood Away From Home

Many different insects live in trees, and therefore seek shelter inside stored firewood. Firewood is a great way to keep warm throughout a Midwest winter, but can attract unwanted pests to your home. Common winter pests like spiders and ants can live in firewood, and as temperatures drop below freezing will seek shelter in the house, especially if the wood is located next to it. To reduce pest overwintering, store firewood at least 20 feet away from the home, and a couple feet off the ground.

Protect Vents and Fans

There are usually several vents and/or fans in a home that should be protected to keep pests out. Most hardware stores will have screen protectors for dryer vents, as well as pest proof exhaust fans for the attic. The more access points you’re able to close off, the less activity will exist inside the home.

Organize and De-clutter

Winter is a great time to get a head start on spring cleaning and organizing your storage areas – basement, attics, and garages. Mice are attracted to dark places, and untouched areas for nesting. You might encounter activity you weren’t aware of by cleaning out disorganized storage areas. And going through the space ensures that nothing is undetected for a long amount of time.  

Properly Store Food

Pantry pests become a common issue during the cold months, as they search for food. Keep all non-perishable food items stored in sealed, airtight containers, and off the ground. Remember that dog or cat food also attracts pests, so buying a large storage container for pet food will help keep pests like mice away.

Replace Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is used on doors and windows to help reduce small gaps/cracks and keep cold air out. It also helps reduce access points from small bugs who are trying to come in. Weather stripping can be purchased at hardware stores, and is fairly easy to install.

Protect Your Home From Common Winter Pests

Whether you’re currently on one of our maintenance programs, or looking for your first professional pest control treatments, you can trust Spidexx to protect your home from unwanted guests this winter. We understand every home is different. That is why we create a custom tailored solution to tackle your household's specific pest issues. Take the worry of out winter pest control and get a quote or schedule a re-treatment today!

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