Summer Pest Prevention Tips

Keep your home pest-free this summer with our essential tips! From yard maintenance to identifying signs of pests, we've got you covered.

Mariana Aguilar

Published On:

October 12, 2023

Last Updated:

October 12, 2023

As your pest control company, we always want to ensure your home is as pest-free as possible. These are summer pest prevention tips that you can try, that will help make that possible.

Importance of Yard Maintenance

Keeping up with your yard is an extremely important step to keep any pest activity low. Everyone notices mosquitoes, ants, and wasps, but don’t realize there are so many more bugs that are just as attracted to the same things! Here are some tips that you can do to help with keeping them away!

  • Staining your deck - One product that we definitely recommend is deck correct. Many pests, like wasps, are attracted to untreated wood and this causes activity to be high. We recommend doing this about once a year to keep up with the maintenance.
  • Maintaining foliage around your home - Trimming trees to prevent overhanging branches and removing weeds away from your home can help with a lot of pest activity. Mosquitoes, for example, are very attracted to any and all foliage around your home. Removing these can definitely help lessen seeing them at your home.
  • Picking up around your yard - Keeping a clean and cluttered-free yard will help with any type of pests! Many people will leave pet waste in the yard, or garbage, for a few days thinking it won’t cause anything, when in fact many bugs see this as a food source. Picking up after yourself or even your pet, can and will prevent from pests being attracted and staying in your yard.

Interior House Maintenance

No one likes to see a bug inside their home, especially when you’re eating or trying to relax after a long day. That is why keeping a clean home is important in keeping a pest-free environment. Simple things like wiping down your counter or table after making something or eating to prevent bugs from being attracted to it. Also, throw away and take out the trash outside regularly to keep it from building up inside your home.

Exterior House Maintenance

Keeping up with the maintenance outside of your home will help with keeping bugs where they belong - outside. Some tips to help with your home are:

  • Making sure gutters are clean and clear. Pests LOVE water sources, and will definitely go to your gutters if something is clogging it and keeping the water in there. Ultimately, attracting the bugs to your home.
  • Seal cracks on doors and windows. Eliminating any entry points into your home is a super simple step to keep bugs from getting inside. For doors, we definitely recommend having a door draft blocker, to prevent inviting pests right inside! Summer weather is a perfect time to keep windows open for some fresh air, but making sure window screens are not damaged will also help keep bugs outside.

Signs of Pest Activity

We always want our customers to be aware of any signs of pest activity. Catching them in the beginning will definitely help with getting rid of them sooner, rather than leaving them to multiply! You will see box elders begin to group on the side of your home. You will also notice ant hills in your driveway or yard or even wasp nests on the eaves of your home or in trees. These are some common signs that you have activity, which can always be treated!

We want all our customers to have comfort in knowing their home is as pest-free as possible, which is why we want everyone to have these summer pest prevention tips!

If there are any questions about any summer pest prevention tips, contact our office team at (844) 922-7732

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