Mastering Spring Pest Control: Your Ultimate Homeowner’s Checklist

Get ahead of a spring pest control with our top tips to enjoy a worry-free season with Spidexx Pest Control.

Katie Peckat

Published On:

October 17, 2023

Last Updated:

March 17, 2024

Spring is just around the corner and now is the time to prioritize spring pest control. It can be difficult to predict exactly when the spring warm up will occur (despite the groundhog's best attempt). It's important to get a head start on protecting your home from unwanted pests. Using those early warm days of spring to prevent activity will help protect your home pest invasions and potential damages the can cause. We recommend that you take these steps, in addition to a structural pest service, to achieve the best results at keeping pests out season after season, and year after year.

Inspect the perimeter for damage and access points

As soon as the weather allows, take a quick around perimeter of your home and inspect for any signs of damage or access points. As a homes ages, new access points are formed. This often happens during winter, when cold temperatures can cause damage to structures. Winter also the time of year we spend the least amount of time around the perimeter of our homes. Once you’ve located potential access points around your home, you will need to make sure that these issues are repaired before pest activity rises in the spring.

Examples of damage and access points to address:

  • Damaged weatherstripping
  • Foundation damage
  • Broken screens
  • Holes around conduit/piping
  • Damage to siding

Prevent Water Accumulation

Spring rains can cause standing water on your property, which attracts pests like mosquitoes. Reduce any unnecessary amount of standing water by making sure all your wheelbarrows are turned over after use, pots or buckets are taken inside or turned upside down, and that if you have a swimming pool it's covered after each use. The more you can eliminate standing water around your property, the more you can reduce the number of insects that are naturally attracted to your home.

Make A Spring Cleaning Plan

Who doesn’t love a clean yard and home? Spring cleaning has become so popular because it truly is a great time to get a restart from winter hibernation. You can start indoors, while the temperatures are still colder, and work your way outside. By tackling clutter, dust, and debris, you’re helping to eliminate potential nesting spots for insects like spiders and ants. Additionally, this will help you locate any pest activity that went unnoticed over the winter.

Once you move outdo, clean up debris in your yard, trim bushes, pull weeds, and mow the lawn. Most importantly clean those gutters, so your house is able to properly disperse water to prevent any build up. Water damage can be permanent and will increase overall pest activity.

Get Ahead of Spring Pest Control Today!

Whether you’re dealing with ants, spiders, mosqitoes, or wasps, Spidexx is your web of protection. We understand that pest control is an unwanted worry with homeowners, and we’re here to take the worry out of pest cotrol! Call (844) 922-7732 to speak with a member of the Spidexx family or schedule your spring pest control service online today.

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