Spidexx’s 5 Favorite Spiders

Discover the most fascinating spiders of 2020, from the elegant Mirror Spider to the agile Jumping Spider, with insights from the experts at Spidexx!

Katie Peckat

Published On:

October 17, 2023

Last Updated:

October 30, 2023

Here at Spidexx, we have a fascination with some of the world’s craziest spiders. We wanted to share some of our favorite spiders; some of them may be found in your backyard. These 8-legged arachnids vary vastly from family to family, and species to species. From the most venomous to the flashiest, here are Spidexx’s top 5 favorite spiders for 2020.

Mirror Spider

At the top of our list is the Mirror Spider, which is by far the most elegant spider we’ve found across the globe. The Thwaitesia argentiopunctata is also known as the sequined spider. Both names come from their silvery, reflective abdomens that reflect a beautiful rainbow of color and resemble a disco ball.

The shimmery scales can change shape and size, depending on if the spider feels threatened or not. In general, they’re around 3-4cm in length, and females tend to be a bit smaller than males.

Lampshade Spider

Lampshade Spiders, of the family Hypochilidae get their name from the lampshade-like webs they weave. The webs get wider as they fan out, and are often built in overhangs and caves, which help create the lamp-like effect. Often found in rocky, mountainous regions, they’re one of the most primitive araneomorph spiders that exist. There are a total of 12 species within the family: two species are found in China, while the remaining ten are located in the United States.

Jumping Spider

The group of spiders in the family Salticidae are a popular spider known for their 8 eyes, small size, and furry body. Their name comes from their ability to jump quickly to evade threats and hunt prey. There are over 600 jumping spider species, totaling 13% of the world’s spiders: making it the largest family of spiders.

They have become popular online, with different groups showcasing various species. They are also popular spiders as pets, with a famous example being Ophelia, the monster. This loveable, tiny, and agile family of spiders has won our hearts.

Marbled Orb Weaver

The Araneus marmoreus species of spiders are commonly known as the marbled orb weaver, as well as a pumpkin spider. Their names come from the large, inflated and marbled abdomens, which sometimes resemble pumpkins.

There are at least two species of marbled orb weaver, and one them has a more orange hue, while the other is paler. Known for being one of the most vibrant orb weaver spiders, they are commonly found in most parts of the United States and Europe. Females are larger than males, often up to twice the size.

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