Simple Steps For Summer Pest Control

Enjoy summer worry-free! Learn how to protect your home from pests with simple tips and professional insights from Spidexx Pest Control

Kristin M.

Published On:

October 17, 2023

Last Updated:

October 17, 2023

Summer is a wonderful season–barbecues, pool parties, and evenings on the porch all come to mind as laid-back ways to enjoy the warmest time of year. But we are not the only ones who like to spend time outside in the summer! As you spend more time outside your house, you may notice pests like ants, spiders, and wasps around your home. With summer pests, immediate action helps prevent problems from worsening. In addition to contacting Spidexx for your pest control needs, here are a few tips for summer pest control you can perform around your own home.

Check Outside Your Home for Entry Points

As your home ages, new entry points for pests can form. Visually inspect the outside of your home to stay one step ahead of pests! Look up into the eaves to spot possible wasp nests. Checking around piping and conduit can unveil holes used by mice to enter your home. A hole in the dirt near your front steps might be an entrance to an ant colony. Entry points can change from season to season, so keep a sharp eye and think small as you protect your home!

Inspect and Repair Screens, Weatherstripping, and Foundation

After spring storms, areas like window screens and weatherstripping can become damaged. Usually, these are smaller and simpler repairs. Check the screens on your windows for rips or tears, and patch or replace them as needed. A hole in a window screen might as well be an open door for insects! Weatherstripping can wear and tear or be chewed through by mice, so take a look at that as well while you examine your home. While your eyes are toward the ground, you should also inspect your foundation for damages. Foundation damage can occur from bad weather conditions or poor drainage, which we will talk more about later. These repairs can be more extensive and may require you to reach out to a contractor.

Trim Back Trees and Vegetation

There is a line between having a well-landscaped lawn and giving summer pests their own path into your home! As you walk around, take note of any trees or vegetation growing within 6” of your home, as insects can utilize these to make their way onto or into your home. Whether up high or down low, anything that grows close to the house should be trimmed back for the best defense against insect invaders.

Maintain Your Yard

Keeping your home protected is important, but lawn maintenance should not be forgotten! Long overgrown grass provides pests with perfect places to nest and hide. By keeping the grass trimmed to its correct length, you limit their options. But what is the correct length for your grass? The answer depends on what type of grass you have. Do your research to find out what length your lawn should be kept, and in addition to looking beautiful and having healthy grass, you will also leave fewer hot spots for pests.

Eliminate Standing Water

Whether due to recent heavy rain or poor drainage as mentioned above, standing water can create huge headaches for homeowners from a pest perspective. These can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes, spiders, and ants, while also attracting any bug looking for a water source. Ensure your gutters are draining properly to prevent standing water in your yard. After it rains, turn any outside furniture upside down to prevent water from pooling on it. Not only will your yard be more attractive to you, it will also be less attractive to insects!

Check Your Pets

Summer is flea and tick season, and these pests can hitch a ride into your home more easily if you have cats or dogs. If you notice your pet scratching more than usual, perform a visual inspection for fleas and ticks. Both are small–but fleas are usually smaller and faster, while ticks crawl slowly until they find the right spot to bite. If you discover or suspect fleas or ticks on your pet, contact your veterinarian to ensure your pet recovers happily and healthily.

Clean Pet Bowls After Each Use

Your pets may love a constant source of food and water, but the longer they are left out the more potential they have to attract pests. Though you mean to only feed your pet, a hungry ant may be just as likely to sample some–and then inform the rest of the colony of a steady food source! Keeping your pet’s bowls freshly cleaned also promotes pet wellness while reducing the possibility of attracting pests.

Clean Up Food Right Away

Whether we intend for food to be eaten by our pets or ourselves, it all smells great to pests! During summer months, insects like yellow jackets and ants are foraging and can ruin a picnic or outdoor meal if you aren’t prepared. Consider using resealable containers and keep them covered when not in use. Once you are finished, tidy up immediately in order to avoid attracting hungry insects.

Keep Trash Containers Clean and Covered

Another way to deter unwanted pests is by keeping your garbage and recycling cans clean and covered. Dirty containers can attract foraging wasps and yellow jackets as well as ants, and when flies lay their eggs in the trash you will find maggots several days later. Keeping these containers clean and dry gives insects less of a reason to go inside these spaces. Also, keeping your garbage container covered will help guard against mice and other rodents.

Remove Wood Piles Leaning Against Your Home

Piles of firewood are great for a backyard bonfire–but they are also sources of food for carpenter ants and termites. Putting your firewood next to your foundation is like leaving their favorite food within reach! Mice and other rodents also frequently make nests in wood piles. Even spiders like to hide in them, including the venomous brown recluse and black widow. The safest way to store wood is 20 feet from your home and off the ground, and always inspect it before burning.

Ensure Your Home is Protected With Spidexx

All these tips are great ways to help minimize the insects you deal with over the summer, but for persistent problems, professional treatment can be much more effective. Despite your best efforts, sometimes insect issues can quickly become overwhelming. At Spidexx, we understand your needs and will help you get more enjoyment out of your yard this summer. Give us a call today at (844) 922-7732 for a free quote or to talk to a customer service specialist, and kick back and relax while we do the hard work!

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