Fall Pest Control Check List

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Katie Peckat

Published On:

October 16, 2023

Last Updated:

October 30, 2023

As temperatures start to drop, we welcome autumn, which means raking leaves, pumpkin spice, Halloween, and autumn insects and rodents. Common fall pests include ants, wasps, mice, and spiders. Leaves falling produces extra foliage to attract insects, and it’s crucial to maintain a clean yard. The last few weeks of non freezing temperatures is the best time to inspect the perimeter, as well as garages and sheds for signs of damage and activity. By protecting your home in the fall, you can help reduce the chance that an insect will enter your home or business to live over the winter. We believe that taking these steps, coupled with our Quarterly Maintenance Service is the top choice for residential pest prevention.

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Inspect Perimeter for Signs of Damage

It’s going to be impossible to seal every gap or crack in your home, but doing inspections each quarter will help to reduce the amount of entry points. This will help you locate any potential areas of concern and prevent future pest infestations. Insects move into wall voids during the fall to overwinter, so it’s crucial to minimize the way pests are getting in during the fall. Things to inspect for include:

  1. Is there damage to bricks/siding/etc?
  2. Is there damage to the eaves?
  3. Are there cracks in the foundation?
  4. Are there plants, grass, or weeds around your foundation that need trimming?

Keep Up With Yard Maintenance

Things like cutting your grass regularly, weeding, and keeping wood/leaves away from the home or garage will help keep away unwanted pests. This is especially important as leaves begin to fall and plants die. Remove all dead plants and leaves from the property as soon as possible. Keep all stacked firewood away from any structures and covered.

Clean out Garage or Shed

This is a great activity in the fall, because not only will you organize all those summer items you have been using, but you can inspect for signs of insect or rodent activity. Sweep everything out and throw away all garbage. Check boxes for signs of nesting, and use secured waterproof storage bins instead of chewable cardboard to store items.

Cover Vents and Chimneys

There are vents that you can purchase for your chimneys, dryer vents, and other vents or fans. They will help keep larger pests out, like squirrels and mice, but can help keep out wasps and beetles as well.

Repair Screens and Weather Stripping

When inspecting the perimeter of your home, make sure to check your screen and weather stripping for signs of damage. Replace any damaged items, and continue to check this each season to prevent pests from entering through doors and windows.

Spidexx Keeps Out Insects That Come Out in the Fall

We understand that each season brings its own unique set of pest issues. Our trained technicians are equipped to take on whatever pest issues arise over the next coming months before winter approaches. Protect your home, so that insects don’t overwinter within your wall voids, which can become a large problem in the spring as they continue to grow their nest or colony.

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