Bug Of The Month: Carpenter Ants

Discover why carpenter ants invade homes and the best treatment methods to eliminate them. Trust Spidexx Pest Control for effective solutions!

Katie Peckat

Published On:

October 16, 2023

Last Updated:

October 30, 2023

Most homeowners, at some time, find themselves asking the question: “why are ants in my house?”. Ants are attracted to homes for many different reasons such as moisture, foliage around the home, and the age of the home. Carpenter ants are often attracted to older homes, with potential moisture issues and older wood. Find out more about carpenter ants, and the best treatment methods to rid them from your home!

Carpenter Ant Anatomy

It’s easy to distinguish carpenter ants from other common Midwest ants, due to their dull, large, black bodies. They can be red and brown in color as well. The queens are some of the largest ants in North America. Being insects, they have 3 body segments – head, thorax, and abdomen. Their abdomens are covered in small hairs and they have 12 antennae segments.

Roles and Colonies

Due to the social behavior of ants, carpenter ants are found living in colonies that typically consist of a few thousand workers, winged ants, and a queen. Workers range in size and their primary purpose is to search for food and to build the nest. The queen's primary purpose is to reproduce and increase the population of the colony. She feeds her young through salivary glands until workers are old enough to begin foraging for food. Male winged ants have reached the peak of their sexual maturity, and serve the purpose of reproducing with the queen.

Their nests are built in dead or damp wood, which they chew out to create tunnels for travel. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not ingest the wood they chew but leave shavings left over where they have chewed. This is often one of the first signs homeowners notice of their activity. They often create nests inside of hollowed-out trees, or inside of structures of wood buildings. Carpenter ants can create damage to homes if left untreated.

The Best Treatment Methods

There are many different types of treatment methods for ants, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Whether seeking to eliminate carpenter ants or any other ant species, the most reliable option would be to seek out a professional who specializes in ant maintenance treatments. Due to their social nature, ant colonies can be targeted using baiting methods, combined with industry-leading commercial-grade pesticides.

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