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Unsurprisingly, the Silverfish is aptly named due to its coloring and its preferred habitat. They can be white or brown, but they are predominantly a bluish-silver color. They, like many other household pests, prefer dark damp places. A silverfish infestation is often discovered in the bathroom. They enjoy hiding out in bathtub drains. They are tear-dropped shaped and can grow to be between 12 – 19 mm long. They are nocturnal and have the ability to scurry away very quickly without being detected. Therefore, the severity of an infestation can go undetected for quite some time.

Silverfish can and will eat nearly anything they find in your pantry or bedroom. They feed on carbohydrates, namely sugars and starches. They have been known to eat cellulose, glue in book bindings, shampoo, bed linen, and silks, but they’ll also settle for eating other dead insects. Their appetites have gained them a reputation for ruining clothing and books. They have even, disturbingly, been found in unopened food packages. These pests are very insidious and it takes a pest control expert to effectively eliminate them from your home.

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