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Cockroaches are the kind of creature that would seem more suited for a sci-fi movie than a suburban apartment. It is believed that cockroaches were on this earth over 280 million years ago and their survival skills may allow them to stick around for quite a while longer. They are thigmotropic, meaning they like the feel of something solid against their bodies, preferably on all sides. Roaches purposefully seek out cracks and crevices, allowing them to stay hidden. They can detect approaching threats by shifts in the air current. Once they sense a threat, they can scurry away at speeds up to 80 cm per second and can change direction in full stride.

As if all of that was not enough to ensure their survival, they can live for weeks without their head. This is mostly due to the fact that they have an open circulatory system. Basically, as long as the wound is able to clot normally, they will not bleed out. They will die a few weeks after losing their head from dehydration more than likely. They are the epitome of a scavenger, eating anything from soap to grease to wall paper paste to leather to book bindings. They’ll even eat hair. A cockroach infestation is nearly impossible to eradicate without the use of a pest control expert.

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