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Sussex WI Exterminators & Pest Control

Are you tired of researching Sussex, WI exterminators, and just want to find a safe, affordable, and effective pest control solution for your home or business? Here at Spidexx, we prioritize your safety but we don’t sacrifice success. We exterminate specialty pests like bed bugs, cockroaches, and fleas, but we also specialize in preventing common pests like spiders, ants, wasps, and mice. Make pest problems a thing of the past when you choose Spidexx to protect your home or business! Get a free quote today!


If you’re used to ants occupying your living spaces in the spring or spiders all over your yard and home in the summer, then you should choose the Spidexx Annual Pest Prevention Program. We target common household pests where they live, and we flush existing populations out of your home or business. Even when temperatures drop in the fall and winter, we continue to work hard to keep unwanted pest issues from happening indoors. Most home and business owners are no stranger to common pest problems such as:

  • Scout ants in the kitchen searching for crumbs
  • Spiders building webs in basement corners and less-traveled areas
  • Centipedes crawling across moist basement floors
  • Crickets in your garage in the fall
  • Silverfish in your bathtub on a humid day

No matter what pest problem you’re experiencing, choose the peace of mind that comes with the Spidexx Ultimate Protection Guarantee. We tackle tough pest problems and take the worry out of pest control. Protect your home today!


We specialize in protecting homes in Sussex from unwanted pest problems. A untreated pest problem in your home can quickly turn into a full-blown infestation. For example, if you see ants from time to time but don’t think much of it, they might be growing a satellite colony within your wall voids. A satellite colony is a smaller colony that breaks off from the main colony outdoors, but still remains socially connected to it. If these are carpenter ants then the structure of your home could be in danger, if ignored. You can expect to be calm and comfortable in your pest-free home. We take a unique approach to household pest control, with every residential pest control treatment including:

  1. A full inspection of your home to locate potential pest problems and access points
  2. We will ask you questions that help us create a custom treatment plan for your home
  3. Peace of mind with the safest products and application methods available
  4. A summary of services performed, so you understand what problems your home has, as well as tips to continue to prevent pests
  5. Service performed by a knowledgeable pest professional, who will always greet you with a smile


The Village of Sussex prides itself on being a safe-haven for small businesses looking to start and expand. Striving to balance the history of Sussex with needs for infrastructure improvement, city officials are working hard to bring about economic growth. The continued growth of Waukesha County puts Sussex directly on the path of new and re-development. Many residents see the opportunities for growth, but often forget about the pest perils associated with redevelopment. Businesses in Sussex are likely to experience common pets problems like wasps, spiders, and ants. Certain industries are more impacted by pest problems. For example, a local dog kennel must take swift action to exterminate a flea infestation. Daycare and child care facilities are always working to balance schedule flexibility and the safety of their customers.

No matter what industry you’re in, you should choose the protection that Spidexx’s commercial pest treatment plans bring. We make sure that your customers and your employees enjoy a pest-free environment. We will create a custom treatment plan unique to your business, by taking time to understand the needs of your industry coupled with the building’s design. We specialize in creating custom pest solutions for businesses in Sussex, WI.


When you’re choosing a pest control company to protect your home or business, choose the safety and comfort that only Spidexx gives. We take time to understand your needs and we walk you through the treatment process from start-to-finish. Whether you’re dealing with a severe cockroach infestation or just have a couple spiders in your basement, we take an industry-leading approach to your pest problems. We use safe products that are rated for use in schools, hospitals, daycares, and kennels. All of our service professionals have not only undergone our extensive training program, but have undergone necessary state licensing requirements. Enjoy your pest-free home or business when you’re protected by Spidexx.


Close to Pewaukee, Nagawicka, and Pine lakes you will find the quaint village of Sussex. The close proximity to these small lakes coupled with the midwest humidity, means that Sussex residents are no stranger to mosquito problems. From early May to early October we protect homeowners from unwanted mosquitoes breeding on their property. We apply a light mist to foliage on your property, which targets mosquitoes where they live and breed — allowing you to enjoy your yard all summer long! Take the proactive approach to mosquito control with Spidexx.


We offer a 100% guarantee on our annual pest prevention program. No matter the season, whether it’s rain or shine, or how tough your pest problems are….we’re ready to take on the job! With our worry-free guarantee you can rest assured that we will keep treating your home or business, until you don’t have any more pest problems. You can call us anytime for a complimentary emergency treatment.


You don’t have to worry about pest problems anymore! When you’re protected by Spidexx, we do all the work for you. We specialize in providing custom pest solutions to your tough pest problems. Even if you have hundreds of ants in your bathroom, spiders invading your bedroom, or centipedes crawling on the floors of your basement – we’re equipped to protect your home. Find out for yourself why we’re the #1 Sussex, WI exterminators.

Ultimate Protection Guarantee

Our unmatched Ultimate Protection Guarantee protects your home all year long.


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