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Delafield WI Pest Control

Residents in Delafield, WI are able to escape the big-city feel, while still being only a short 30 minute drive from downtown Milwaukee. What they aren’t able to escape is the need for safe and effective Delafield, WI pest removal. There are endless opportunities to explore the quaint history of the city, as well as plenty of delicious food to enjoy. With the careful redevelopment of historic sites comes an increase of pest activity to the area. The 981 acre Nagawicka Lake is a quiet safe haven for anglers and water-lovers, as well as the source of many mosquito and spider problems for nearby homes and businesses.

We specialize in creating customized pest solutions, designed with each home and business in Delafield in mind. Whether there are ants in the employee break room, spiders in your basement, stink bugs on your windows in the fall, or mice munching on crumbs during the winter — we’re ready to undertake all your pest control needs. We provide free quotes over the phone.

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Delafield is truly the best of both worlds…there are only around 7,400 residents who enjoy their close proximity to downtown Milwaukee. If you drive just 30 minutes west on I-94 from downtown, you will drive right through Delafield. This quaint city is a small pocket of paradise boasting Nagawicka Lake, a popular local fishery for bass, panfish, walleye, and pike.

Within the charming city there are three shopping districts, offering unique shopping options and award-winning restaurants coupled with historic charm. Residents in Delafield work to preserve its small town charm, and keep connected through events such as: the Delafield Block Party, Lake Country Women’s Club Art Fair, the annual Breakfast with the Reindeer event around the holidays. No matter how you choose to stay connected in Delafield, many of your neighbors will recommend Spidexx Pest Control.


Midwest summers mean chasing fireflies, bonfires, and watching for shooting stars. They also mean wasps joining your dinner on your deck, mosquitoes attacking at sunset, and ants….everywhere! There are many common pests found in Delafield that are best treated by a licensed pest professional. For example, ants are highly intelligent insects who live in colonies that can be intricately connected to each other in one larger system. That means when you have a few ants on your property, there already is, or will be, many more to come. Ants often require the expertise of a pest control technician, who understands their travel and communication behaviors, making it easy to flush out colonies.

One of the most common wasp species found in Delafield is the yellowjacket wasp. In early summer, yellow jackets hunt around ¼ of a mile from their nest for insects and other nests to prey upon. As summers-end nears, yellowjackets stop hunting other insects and shift towards foraging for sugars. They are frequent uninvited guests at end-of-summer barbeques and Labor Day parties. Their aggression continues into the end of fall, until the nest dies and new queens find a warm space to overwinter. While it’s difficult to prevent wasps, we are experts at exterminating and removing wasp nests. When you’re backed by the Ultimate Protection Guarantee, you can call us anytime for an emergency wasp nest treatment.


Spidexx specializes in providing in-depth commercial pest control in Delafield, WI. Our targeted and customized approach to preventing pests in your business leaves you protected year-round. Just as how no two homes are the same, no two businesses pest control needs are the same. We create customized treatment plans designed with your industry, pest problems, and budget in mind. When you choose Spidexx to get rid of unwanted pests, you choose Delafield’s top commercial pest exterminators.

We specialize in providing custom pest solutions for the following industries:

  • Restaurants
  • Food and beverage processing facilities
  • Government buildings
  • Hospitality – hotels and rentals
  • Multifamily units
  • Office buildings
  • Kennels
  • Daycares and in-home childcare
  • Retail
  • Warehouses
  • Schools
  • Storage


Before you go out and buy a toxic, kill-on-contact spray from your local hardware store, consider the chemicals that are being sprayed. When applying pesticides it’s important to have a broad knowledge of the safest application methods. Not only are many of the products we use safer than store bought pesticides, we apply them using EPA application requirements. Every product we use inside of your home is safe for children, pets, and elders.

Our service professionals are knowledgeable about pest behaviors, which allows them to apply the most effective targeting methods. That means we aren’t going to just overspray a product and soak your belongings and home. We only apply as much as needed, while keeping your belongings safe.

If you have any questions about the products we use and their safety, call our office at (855) 925-3550.


As we just mentioned, we apply using EPA certified products and according to state licensing requirements. We require all of our service professionals undergo state licensing, in addition to our full training program. Once a technician has been trained by the Spidexx team, you can rest assured that they have the knowledge and experience to tackle even your toughest pest problems. Every member of our team is passionate about what we do and we work together to create custom plans, unique to every home or business that we treat at.


Are you tired of battling mice problems every winter? Most homeowners will have a mouse come indoors during the winter, from time to time. If your home is over 25 years old, it will be prone to more mouse issues. Over time, small gaps and cracks form as the home settles. A mouse only needs a hole as small as a pencil to make its way indoors. Once inside the warmth of your home, they seek out a safe space to nest away from the eyes of homeowners. This is why they say if you’re seeing one mouse, then you probably have more. They rely on their ability to remain unseen, as they grow their populations rapidly. They reproduce quickly and are nocturnal.

We take a three step approach to interior mouse control:

  1. Inspection
  2. Baiting
  3. Exclusion

We start by performing a full interior and exterior inspection of your home for potential access points. Once we’ve identified possible points of entry, we will place child & pet safe bait stations near those areas. Lastly, we will seal off any small gaps or cracks on the lower level of the home; or we will recommend our in-depth exclusion service, which seals larger access points with concrete, wire mesh, and/or silicone.


In every area of business – customer service, training, knowledge, experience – Spidexx is at the top of every list. We pride ourselves in our above and beyond approach to commercial and residential pest control. We offer custom pest solutions to the toughest of pest problems…and we do it all with a smile! Find out for yourself why Spidexx is the #1 choice for Delafield, WI pest removal.

Ultimate Protection Guarantee

Our unmatched Ultimate Protection Guarantee protects your home all year long.


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