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Pest Control in Des Moines, IA

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Pests are a frustrating, tedious, and stressful problem to deal with. However, they’re something that we simply can’t escape. Pests have followed us around for all of human history, and they will continue to do so as our homes provide them with resources they are constantly looking for. Whether pests have taken up residence in your basement, invaded your attic, or have created a network in your walls that give them access to your pantry, solving your problem can seem like an insurmountable task or incredibly difficult battle with seemingly no end. That’s where the team at Spidexx Pest Control can help. For years, we have provided the communities we serve with high-quality pest solutions, including solutions for both large and small infestations.

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Same-Day Pest Control Services

When you have a pest problem, you need help right away. When left unchecked, pest problems can quickly get out of hand, and you might not even be aware that you have a problem until things reach a point where containment becomes immensely difficult. At Spidexx Pest Control, we offer fast response to your calls and can come to you to get started as soon as the very same day! Our techs arrive in a fully-stocked service van in full, professional uniform. Equipped with the tools and products to handle a wide variety of pest problems on the spot, we can quickly develop a treatment plan and put it into action right away to build up protection for you and your property.

We Handle All of Your Pest Issues

The Des Moines area is home to its own variety of pest problems. Some are common and found in communities across the country, while others are more niche and limited to only this area. Whatever the size or scope of your issue, our highly skilled Des Moines pest control team works quickly to protect home from further damage due to pest issues. We have handled a wide range of pest problems and our experience is an invaluable asset in developing customized and effective strategies.

Our full range of pest services includes:

Indoors we typically use a baiting method, in conjunction with a non-repellent product, so when pests like ants walk through it, they will take it back to their colony and spread the product into the source. All of our products are used in kennels, nursing homes, hospitals, and schools; so there is no need to leave the home during the service. We can’t guarantee you’ll never see a bug again, but we can guarantee we will always come out if you do. We offer free re-services as part of our quarterly maintenance program as well.

Ongoing Pest Protection Plans

Any knowledgeable pest expert will likely offer you one sound bit of advice: pest control is never finished. While you might be able to eliminate an infestation and severely reduce the number of pests in your home, you will never be able to get rid of pests forever. Instead, quality pest control centers on prevention and keeping pests out. As the old saying goes, there are always more where that came from, but an ongoing pest protection plan from Spidexx Pest Control can help you prevent more bugs from getting in and making life miserable.

With our preventive pest control services, we create a barrier around your home using a repellent product that helps keeps unwanted pests away. These barriers not only ward bugs off, but actively eliminate bugs that attempt to cross the barrier. We also make sure to continuously perform spot treatments on problem areas outdoors such as garages, sheds, and any visible signs of activity.

For quality pest control services in the Des Moines, IA area, contact Spidexx Pest Control! Reach out to us for help today.

Ultimate Protection Guarantee

Our unmatched Ultimate Protection Guarantee protects your home all year long.


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