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Are you looking for Waterloo, Nebraska’s top choice for personable, reliable, low cost pest control? The Spidexx Pest Control family is here to tackle any issues you have inside your home, and we work to keep new pests from coming indoors. Our services are custom-tailored and designed to keep your home pest free year round. We have many satisfied customers in Waterloo and surrounding communities such as Chaco, La Vista, Bellevue, Papillon, and other surrounding Omaha cities. We are always just a call away for ant pest control, spider control, beetle control, and any other common household insects; as well as more difficult to treat pests like bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, or voles.

Due to Waterloo’s location being nestled along the Elkhorn River, residents are no stranger to insects like mosquitoes and spiders. The moisture attracts these pesky, and sometimes dangerous insects; and residents have to work extra hard to protect their properties. The river provides a wealth of outdoor adventure opportunities, whether its fishing, hiking, boating, or camping, but it also brings its own set of pest control issues. Homeowners near bodies of water will be looking for the best way to control mosquitoes. We target these pests by treating their nesting and feeding sites.

We understand that every home is unique and will require a custom tailored pest control solution to be created to target pests in your specific home. Our friendly customer service staff will listen to your needs, and specific pest issues; and work with a knowledgeable, licensed service technician to create a plan of action to overcome your issues. We provide free quotes over the phone, and our services are backed by the Spidexx Ultimate Protection Guarantee – meaning that on top your structural maintenance pest control services, you have free emergency re-treatments if you happen to spot any sign of activity. Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to figure out what attracts ants in the house, and give the experts at Spidexx Pest Control a call!

Pest Protection for Waterloo

Its beautiful location between the Elkhorn and Platte Rivers, makes the town a great destination for anyone looking to escape the city and explore the outdoors. Its small population of only around 850 residents, has kept its small town charm, despite being only 20 miles from downtown Omaha, NE. Waterloo was founded in 1870, when the Union Pacific Railroad expanded to the area. Its name, comes from the famous Battle of Waterloo, which took place in the early 1800s in present day Belgium. Waterloo residents are no stranger to pests like mosquitoes, spiders, ticks, and other common household pests often found near bodies of water. Midwest winters also pose risks for rodents entering Waterloo homes.

Waterloo’s close location to Omaha, Nebraska gives residents ample opportunities for employment, education, and entertainment, without having to leave their small town environment. When you’re ready to explore the outdoors, head over to the Two Rivers State Recreation Area for a picnic or hike. Or if you’re looking to find some antique gems, stop at Junkstop and peruse through endless antique knick knacks, furniture, and collectibles. Whatever you decide to explore in Waterloo, remember to keep your household or business safe from unwanted, and sometimes dangerous pests, so you have time to enjoy all this wonderful community has to offer.

Protecting Your Home – Year Round!

Each season brings its own distinctive set of pest concerns that, if left over time, season-over-season, can turn into an influx of pest activity around and inside of the home. Spidexx offers a quarterly maintenance treatment that provides a structural pest control service designed to keep unwanted pests outside of your home. Our service targets common household pests such as ants, spiders, wasps, beetles, silverfish, stink bugs, box elders, and most other common household pests. We apply top on the line industry products to entry points of your home, and create a barrier around the foundation to keep pests out. We then target any interior populations, and provide free re-treatments as needed throughout the service. Our extermination methods are well thought out and are highly effective in protecting your home from invasive pests.

In the spring and summer we’re targeting pests like spiders, ants, wasps, and beetles. The rains of spring, and heat of summer awakens insects from winter slumbers and brings them out in full force. Whatever the pests, we understand that you don’t want to be dealing with them in your home or yard. We specializing in getting rid of ground wasps, yellow jackets, and paper wasps in the summer, and then into the fall as they become more aggressive as winter approaches.

Spiders become a common concern during the winter, as they move indoors for the cold season. Stop wasting time trying to find the perfect home remedies for spiders repellent, and trust the expert at Spidexx this fall. Spiders continue into winter, when mice also become a nuisance for home and business owners. Our thorough rodent service, backed by the Spidexx Ultimate Protection, locates access points and nesting sites to help exterminate rodents. On top of removing rodents from the home, we keep them out by sealing your home with our unmatched rodent exclusion services.

Enjoy Your Summers with Mosquito Protection

Summers bring memories of picnics, swimming, fishing, and spending time with people we love outdoors. However, mosquitoes can absolutely drive you insane during the summer, and ticks can be potentially dangerous and life altering pests. Our mosquito barrier service treats common areas of nesting/feeding around your property, creating a barrier to keep mosquitoes and ticks out. We’re here to protect your yard, all season long. We also provide one time treatments for events or parties, which will keep your guests around longer to enjoy the environment. Whatever solution you need, Spidexx is the top choice for mosquito protection in the Waterloo area.

Protection From Invasive Pests

Whether you’re looking for year round peace of mind, or a full service cockroach exterminator – Spidexx is the team for the job! We understand that certain pests require more aggressive treatment processes, and the Spidexx team is here to walk you through the entire process. Our customer service team will provide you will the information needed to ensure the highest success of our services. The service technician will walk you through the process and address any and all areas of concern you have in your home. We then work together to create a follow up plan, that targets the specific insects reproductive cycle to eliminate the pest entirely. Whether you’re seeing cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, or Voles, our specialty treatments are the best choice for Waterloo residents.

Trust the Experts at Spidexx

You can spend forever trying to learn how to remove bugs from your home, or you can let the experts at Spidexx take the worry out of pest control and protect your home year round. Our custom tailored treatment are designed to give you peace of mind, backed by the Spidexx Ultimate Protection Guarantee. Whether you’re dealing with ants in the springtime, wasps in the summer, spiders in the fall, or mice in the winter – pest protection is just a call away!

Give our friendly office staff a call at (855) 925-3550 to schedule a service to protect your home today!

Ultimate Protection Guarantee

Our unmatched Ultimate Protection Guarantee protects your home all year long.


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