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Gretna Pest Control Service

The Best Pest Control Around for the Residents of Gretna

Spidexx Pest Control is proud to offer customized, effective, year round pest control services for the residents of Gretna, Nebraska and surrounding towns. Here at Spidexx, we use effective, commercial grade pest control chemicals that are designed to take take of your pest issues inside while creating a lasting barrier around the exterior of your home. All of the products we use are 100% pet and child safe so you have the peace of mind you need when someone is treating your home. We are one of the top rated pest control companies in the area and stand behind our services and products. Our prices are competitive with Orkin pest control prices and our technician and customer service is superior. Hiring a locally owned pest control company is the best way to purchase pest control in your area. We’re never to busy to get you on the schedule and get a technician out to treat whatever common household pest you may be dealing with. Along with our knowledgeable and experienced technicians, our customer service team is ready and excited to answer any questions you may have, schedule a free re-treat whenever you may need it, or set you up with a customized pest control plan for your home, both inside and out! Call us today for your customized pest control quote!

Gretna’s Beautiful History and Bright Future

Gretna, Nebraska is located in the beautiful Sarpy County and was established long ago in the summer of 1886 thanks to the growth of the Burlington Railroad and the short line they established between Omaha, Nebraska and Ashland, Nebraska. The name Gretna is suggestive of the town Gretna Green in Scotland which is where some of the founding families had ancestral roots. Gretna is a small town, only stretching about 2.5 miles and has approximately 5,000 residents. Despite its size, Gretna has multiple facilities for its residents to take advantage of including a pool, public library, multiple city parks, and multiple community sports programs for its residents young and old to take advantage of. Gretna’s quaint, small town feel and focus on its community makes it a wonderful place to live and Spidexx Pest Control is proud to services its residents, homes, and small businesses.

Common Pests Found Around Gretna

Ant Control - As always, ants are found to be one of the most common and difficult to treat household pests in and around the Gretna area. Spidexx Pest Control is able to help! We have customize plans available, specifically able to target ants both inside and outside the home. You might be new to pest control and wondering “What does an exterminator do for ants?” Here at Spidexx, we try to focus on both the inside and outside of the home using bait and non-repellent products inside in conjunction with specially formulated, micro-encapsulated products for the outside of the home to create a lasting barrier and prevent future infestations. Many people try home remedies for ants in the house, and unfortunately we don’t find those techniques and treatments to be effective in ridding your home of the satellite colony that has been established in the wall voids. Our ant control services are customized to our home and we use the best spray for ants available on the commercial market. Our ant extermination cost is competitive with that of other companies and the results we provide along with attention to detail put us far and above any other pest control company in the area. We are committed to removing these pests from your home and helping create a more long term solution for your home in the form of an exterior barrier with our ant prevention products as well as free retreatments throughout the course of your customized pest control plan.

Mice Control - Another troubling pest to find in and around your home or business. A lot of the common mouse control products you’ll find in your local hardware are just not an effective way to rid your home of mice once and for all. The best mouse repellent is, in fact, not a repellent at all! We use a bait placed around the home in pest proof and child proof bait stations. We allow mice to ingest the bait and then leave the home in order to avoid further activity and unpleasant smells. There are so many rodent control products out there, it can get confusing as to what is what. Let Spidexx take the worry out of it! The best way to get rid of mice in your house and scratching in the walls, is with Spidexx Pest Control! If you want to know how to get rid of mice permanently, the answer is with proper treatment and follow up, provided by Spidexx Pest Control.

Bee & Wasp Control - Spidexx is proud to offer bee and wasp nest removal. What can be considered as a stressful and even dangerous task, is now in the expert hands of our experienced technicians here at Spidexx Pest Control. Do it yourself bee extermination is the last thing you should be doing on a Sunday! Let Spidexx Pest Control step in and use the best bee killer product available! Our technicians are happy to provide wasp nest identification along with treatment and removal of the nest. This service is built into our quarterly program so the wasp nest removal cost is already built in as well. Our bee removal service is specially designed to rid you of whatever nests you may be dealing with, inside or outside of the home. Wasps and hornets nests on the home can be extremely dangerous for you and your loved ones. Spidexx is the local bee exterminator that you need! Bee and wasp removal doesn’t have to be hard or stressful, using Spidexx service in and around your home year round will provide the protection you need and is able to come help with any common household pest issues you may face throughout the year.

Spidexx’s Commitment to You and Your Home

Spidexx is proud to be one of the best pest control companies in the Gretna area. Our local exterminator prices are comparable and competitive with Orkin pest control prices and our customer service, knowledge and attention to detail far outweighs theirs. Check out our pest control reviews hich speak for themselves, and we’re positive you’ll agree! If you’re looking for a local pest control company, look no further. We are able to treat and eradicate mice, ants, bees, wasps, bed bugs, roaches, silverfish, box elder bugs, stink bugs and more! Most people want to know how to choose a good pest control company. We are a local exterminator that provides exceptional pest management services for your home or business! Our educated customer service team is available to answer all your questions, address all your concerns, and provide a quote customized to your specific pest concern. Call us today for your customized pest control quote!

Ultimate Protection Guarantee

Our unmatched Ultimate Protection Guarantee protects your home all year long.


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