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Reliable Pest Control in Minneapolis

Spidexx Pest Control Offers Guaranteed Peace of Mind

The vibrant metropolis of Minneapolis has become a hub for northern Midwestern culture, commerce, and art. Minneapolis has been nicknamed by residents, the “Mini Apple,” because they believe it resembles a smaller New York City. It’s the largest city in the state of Minnesota, with over 425,000 residents. There is no shortage of food, entertainment, and outdoor recreational activity options to explore in and around the city. Additionally, the word Minneapolis means the “City of Lakes,” and of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota, 22 are located within the city limits. In fact, the state of Minnesota has more shoreline than California, Florida, and Hawaii!

However, as many advantages as there are to living in this city, this area is also home to many pests. If you value working with a reliable, local company that understands how to tackle the toughest pest problems in Minneapolis, then choose the safety, reliability, and friendliness that comes with Spidexx Pest Control. We specialize in removing and preventing common household pests year-round. We’re also the experts in exterminating aggressive pest species like bed bugs, cockroaches, and fleas. Our highly knowledgeable, licensed, and trained service technicians will become your personal pest experts, creating custom-tailored treatments plans for your home or business—always designed with your wallet in mind. Take the worry out of pest control, and go with the #1 choice for local, safe, and reliable pest control in Minneapolis.

We identify and exterminate the following pest species:

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Year-Round Pest Prevention in Minneapolis

Whether you have ants in your kitchen and bathroom, spiders in your garage, or a wasp nest just outside your back door, untreated pests can become serious problems for homeowners. And if you don’t do anything, your pest problem can turn into a full-blown infestation, which may take additional treatments to resolve. For example, if carpenter ants establish a colony within the structure of your home, they can destroy the wood throughout the house, their colony continuing to grow unnoticed for several seasons, or even years. Fortunately, with our unmatched approach to Minneapolis household pest control, you can achieve peace of mind knowing you have a pest-free home, thanks to our Ultimate Protection Guarantee.

Our Ultimate Protection Guarantee offers complete peace of mind, with unlimited spot treatments between regularly recurring services. We’re able to treat as much of your home as you need, to make sure that your house is completely free of unwanted and undetected pests. Whether you’re experiencing ants in the spring, wasps in the summer, spiders in the fall, or mice in the winter, Spidexx will always be there to make sure your house is safe, clean, and pest-free.

With our Ultimate Protection Guarantee, you get:

Schedule Commercial Pest Control in Minneapolis

Are you a local business-owner in Minneapolis looking for a safe, reliable, and affordable pest control company? We understand how important it is to provide a clean and safe work environment for your employees, which is why we strive to keep unwanted pests, such as ants, spiders, and wasps, out of Minneapolis businesses year-round. Our technicians can create a fully customized treatment plan for your business that works with your company’s hours and unique pest needs. Our commercial general pest maintenance plan, backed by the Spidexx Ultimate Protection Guarantee, also takes the worry out of commercial pest management, so you don’t have to be concerned about whether you are getting long-lasting results. Just remember that you can trust Spidexx Pest Control to tackle even the toughest of pest problems affecting your Minneapolis businesses—as business-owners ourselves, we know how to get the job done right!

Our Commercial Pest Maintenance Plans Include:

  • Post-treatment summary, including follow-up recommendations
  • Unlimited spot treatments, as needed between maintenance visits
  • A personal pest expert to help identify and remove pests from your business
  • Long-term peace of mind

Your Local Rodent Exterminators in Minneapolis

If you are looking for a local, professional rodent extermination team that works with you to ensure the highest effectiveness of each service, you’ve come to the right place. Our technicians at Spidexx Pest Control live and work near Minneapolis and deal with similar pest problems in their homes, so they know how to get rid of mice quickly and efficiently. We specialize in providing a start to finish approach to mouse removal, and will keep you informed of our efforts every step of the way. And with service options to keep rodents away from your property in the future, too, you may never have to worry about mice again as long as you’ve got Spidexx Pest Control on your side!

Our mouse extermination approach includes 3 necessary steps:

  • Inspection: For this step, we will work to determine if you have a mouse infestation, as well as the severity of the infestation in question, where it started, and the best treatment options to get rid of it.
  • Baiting: Our mouse-baiting process involves planting specific types of poison designed to thoroughly get rid of your mice problem without spreading dangerous, toxic chemicals to the rest of your family.
  • Exclusion: After we have finished your mouse extermination service, our goal will be to prevent any mice from returning in the future. That’s why we also offer exclusion, looking for gaps and holes throughout your house, and finding ways to discourage mice from entering your property for as long as possible. For homes with higher, exterior mouse populations, we may recommend an ongoing maintenance and monitoring approach, to prevent mice from breaching the structure of your home. Our mouse monitoring plan includes interior mouse protection at any time, as needed, so as soon as a mouse is spotted in your home, we’ll be on the scene to get rid of it and determine where it came from.

Mosquito Protection for Minneapolis Backyards

Living in Minneapolis, you’re certainly no stranger to mosquitos flying around your backyard and biting you all over. Many even like to say the unofficial state bird of Minnesota is the mosquito. Due to the abundance of water in the state, mosquitos often live and breed in backyards of Minneapolis homes, making them a fact of like for many Minneapolis residents, especially those who live and work near one of our many lakes.

At Spidexx Pest Control, our safe mosquito control plan protects your home from April-October, not only safeguarding you against these blood-sucking flying insects, but also protecting you from ticks and gnats. We apply a fine mist on foliage on your property, to target mosquitoes where they live. From there, we offer one-time treatments for large events or gatherings. We specialize in providing unmatched mosquito prevention for homeowners in Minneapolis, so if you have tried everything else and are tired of getting bit, trust the experts, and call Spidexx Pest Control for mosquito protection today.

Enjoy Expert Training, Knowledge & Experience with Spidexx Pest Control

At Spidexx Pest Control, our service technicians are here to become your first line of defense against all types of pests. We provide an unmatched pest control/extermination process for homes and businesses in Minneapolis and surrounding communities, not only creating custom treatment plans for a range of properties, but providing free inspections to give you complete peace of mind. We understand every home is different, and each pest problem is unique to that specific property. That’s why we will work closely with you to find the best options for not only getting rid of your pest problem, but keeping it away for good. We are known across the state for going above and beyond to deliver customer satisfaction, and with our flexible scheduling and industry-leading methods, we are always looking for new ways to deliver more for you. If other pest control companies have vailed you in the past, don’t hesitate to call Spidexx Pest Control, and experience Minneapolis pest control as it should be.

Spidexx pest control is available by phone today at (952) 260-3355, or you can just contact us online.

Ultimate Protection Guarantee

Our unmatched Ultimate Protection Guarantee protects your home all year long.


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