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Local Pest Control Company for Grimes and Its Residents

Spidexx Pest Control is a local pest company that is proud to service the Des Moines and West Des Moines area, including the residents of Grimes. We are one of the best rated pest control companies in the Des Moines area. We are proud to be one of the best insect control companies around to service your home or business. Pest Control cost can be a scary commitments. However, do it yourself pest control is not usually the way to go. We also offer rodent control services. Orkin Pest Control prices can sometimes be overwhelming and not customized to your needs. Here at Spidexx we are proud to offer low-cost pest control and have a fully customizable pest control price list. We are locally owned and operated and are one of the top five pest control companies in the Des Moines and West Des Moines area.

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If you want to know how to get rid of insects in the kitchen, how to get rid of flying bugs in the house, how to get rid of bugs outside, or even how to get rid of kitchen cockroaches – give us a call! We specialize in general pest control as well as rodent pest control. We understand that an exterminator cost may seem like an unnecessary expense, unfortunately most common household pests are not easy to eradicate. Here at Spidexx, our service guarantee ensures that you’re getting the best pricing and the best service available. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff is ready and waiting to answer any of your questions as well as give you a customized quote over the phone for your home or business.

The History of the Growing Town of Grimes

The beautiful city of Grimes is located in the Dallas and Polk counties in the wonderful state of Iowa. The current population tallies in at over 11,000 residents. The city has a rich history and was incorporated in the year 1894. It is named after Richard Grimes who was the third governor of the state of Iowa. Grimes is a rapidly growing community and has become a desirable location to live due to its proximity to Des Moines and West Des Moines, Iowa. Most of its residents are young professionals, with a median age of 33. Grimes is known for its excellent school district, it’s ideal location to major interstates, and it’s close location to the Des Moines area. Grimes is known for its numerous parks throughout the city and has become a desirable metropolitan destination.

Common House and Apartment Bugs Found in and Around Grimes

Spidexx is proud to offer custom tailored maintenance programs for your home and business to treat any and all common household pests that may appear year round. Ants are a very common pest found in and around homes and businesses year round. We offer thorough and effective ant control services. We also offer carpenter ant pest removal. Our pest control services for ants are designed to treat and prevent future infestations both inside and outside of your home. Our quarterly bug control plan is not only for ants. We are happy to include treatment for any other common household pest that you may be dealing with. Our ant extermination methods are well thought out and proven to be effective in protecting your home. If you have an ant problem in the house and want the issue resolved the right way the first time, look no further than Spidexx Pest Control. We are one of the few ant control companies that use the proper ant control products and ant prevention products correctly. Ants can need multiple treatments in order to be properly exterminated. Carpenter ant treatment cost through Spidexx is affordable as well! We use the best ant spray for inside. Ant extermination cost doesn’t have to be expensive and overwhelming. With Spidexx and our service guarantee, you’ll be pest free in no time. If you want to know how to get rid of ants permanently, the answer is proper control and maintenance by trained and knowledgeable professionals at Spidexx. Whether it’s house ants or carpenter ants, we can help! Carpenter ant damage in your home is a frustrating thing to deal with and can be expensive to fix.

Wasp season is starting up soon and Spidexx is here to help treat for and remove these potentially dangerous pests. Hornet and bee nest removal can be a daunting and unsafe task for an untrained person. Bee and wasp nest removal is a specialty here at Spidexx. While we don’t offer bee relocation services at this time, we are able to treat and remove the more dangerous species from in and around the home. Bee hive removal can be done safely and easily. Knowing how to kill wasps and hornets and keep your home safe is our job, as well as knowing how to kill bees in a wall and remove their nests. Getting rid of ground wasps can also be a daunting task. Spidexx is able to help treat and remove these pests as well. Another common question people have is how to get rid of paper wasps. Spidexx is fully equipped to treat and remove this species of wasps as well. Bee hive removal cost can be a little pricey, luckily our Spidexx quarterly services for your home include bee and wasp hive removal. Just give us a call and we can send a technician out to your home to get rid of those wasps for you. Don’t endanger yourself or your loved ones by attempting wasp nest removal yourself.

Spidexx is proud to offer effective and year round spider control for your home both inside and out. Many people want to know how to get rid of spiders using home remedies, and unfortunately, we don’t believe there is a way. Spiders usually need to be treated with the best spider repellent available and need to be treated for frequently. There is something so unsettling about having a giant spider in your house. We can help! Spiders are not social creatures and therefore can be a little more difficult to target. Thankfully, our quarterly pest control program has unlimited free retreats and we are able to come whenever it’s needed in order to get your spider population exterminated. A lot of people try to use natural bug bombs for spiders, spider repellent plants, or peppermint oil to treat for spiders. These remedies are not helpful in ridding your home of spiders and may in fact cause them to linger in the walls even more! We use the best insecticide for spiders outdoors and help prevent future ones from moving in. Spider control products can be difficult and confusing to use and apply. The best spider repellent spray is actually to use a non repellent in order to encourage the pests to move through the product and exterminate them that way.

The Best Local Exterminator Prices and Guarantee for Iowa Residents

Spidexx is proud to be one of the best rated pest control companies in the Grimes and greater Des Moines area. If you’re looking for a local pest company that is able to answer your questions like, “Why are ants in my house?”, or “How to get rid of roaches?”, or “ Why are there so many spiders in my house?” – give us a call! We also offer mosquito treatment for your yard. Spidexx is the best company for Pest Control in the city of Grimes. Sometimes an exterminator cost can seem unnecessary especially when there are so many do it yourself pest control techniques out there. Here at Spidexx, we offer low-cost Pest Control with great results and phenomenal guarantees. Our technicians are experienced, thorough, and thoughtful of you, your home, and your family.

Give our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff a call at (515) 200-2668 to get your customized quote today!

Ultimate Protection Guarantee

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