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Spidexx is not only one of the best rated pest control companies servicing Council Bluffs, IA homeowners, but we provide customer tailored solutions to homes and businesses to overcome pest issues that arise throughout the year. Here at Spidexx, we specialize in providing the top pest control solutions available, that are safe for use inside of homes and with pets and children. We understand that you’re home is your safe space, and we intend to keep unwanted guests, like ants, spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs, wasps, and more out of your home. If you have been trying to find a local exterminator you can rely on to get the job done, find out more about what Spidexx can do to protect your home in Council Bluffs, IA.

The Bustling City of Council Bluffs, IA

According the the Council Bluffs website, the city is “Unlike anywhere else. On purpose.”, which describes its rich history, location, and local businesses and attractions – making it a unique place to live. The first “Council Bluff” started about 20 miles from the current location of the city, on the Nebraska side of the Fort Atkins River. The Iowa side was inhabited by several Native American reservations, such as Three Fires, Chippewa, Potawatomi, and more. For several decades settlers and tribes fought over land, and eventually the natives were pushed farther west into reservations. By 1848, European settlers had renamed the town Kanesville. In 1852 the town was renamed to Council Bluffs, and became a major outfitting location on the Missouri River for the Emigrant Trail, steamboat trade, and the gold rush.

In 1869, the Transcontinental Railway was completed, making council bluffs the starting port. Other railways arrived soon after, and the start of the Railway Era brought an influx of industries into this community. By the 1930s, the city was the nations 5th largest railway center. The reconstruction of the railroad industry, left Council Bluffs with a shortage of opportunities for work for residents. The city struggled to develop a new economy since the turn of the mid-20th century.

Council Bluffs makes up a total of 43.62 square miles, and is composed of prairie, wetlands, deciduous forest, and Savannah, nestled along the Missouri River. In 2010, there were 62,000_ residents, with the median age of the city being 35.9 years old, and 35% of residents are under the age of 25. There are several neighborhoods throughout the city, including Downtown Council Bluffs, Old Town, Casino Row, the West End, Manawa, Twin City, The South End, Oakland-Fairview, Madison and Huntington Avenues, and even the historic Red Light District from the late 19th century.

If you’re interested in the area’s rich, railroad history, visit the Union Pacific Railroad Museum, where you will learn about the cities role in the Railway Era. With over 27 parks and 40 miles of trails, there’s plenty of space to connect with nature. Whether you’re looking to take a hike, ride your bike, catch some fish, or watch shooting stars and make a wish, there’s plenty to explore! If you’re looking for arts, check out the Chanticleer Community Theater, Westfair Amphitheatre, or catch a local musician at a local pub. There is never a shortage of things to do, and places to visit in Council Bluffs.

Notable people from Council Bluffs include, Stan Bahnsen, pitcher for several Major League Baseball teams, Gladden Bishop, who was the contender for the presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints after Joseph Smith‘s death in 1844, NFL player, Don Chandler (1934–2011), Lee De Forest, an inventor named the “Grandfather of Television”, and many more notable persons from history.

Popular local restaurants include: M’s Pub, Block 15, 11-Worth Cafe, Orsi’s Italian Bakery and Pizzeria, and many more. If you’re looking to dine on a budget, check out Zio’s, Louie M’s Burger Lust, or Lansky’s. Top bars include the Lighthouse Lounge, Underwood Bar, Salty Dog Bar & Grill, and Caddy’s Kitchen and Cocktails.

Protect Your Home Year-Round With Quarterly Pest Control

There isn’t a time of year that homes are exempt from pest issues such as ants, spiders, wasps, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, and more! There are certain pests that thrive during certain times of the year, and we are prepared to protect your home from pests, each new season. In the spring, as the world begins to wake back up, there will be an increase in pest activity on the exterior of the home. This is when many homeowners struggle with how to get rid of ants in the kitchen, because they’re travelling indoors in search of food. Wasps start to build nests for the seasons as well, and can be found flying around searching for place to start building.

Moving into Summer, activity continues outside, and a variety of issues can also arise on the inside of the home. Often times, untreated issues from the previous fall/winter, will start to become issues if left unaddressed. Common summer pests include mosquitoes, spiders, ants, wasps, beetles, silverfish, and more.

As fall approaches, all of the insects that have been active throughout the summer begin to seek out shelter to overwinter. Ants for example, will create satellite colonies within the wall voids of homes, or under slabs, which over several seasons or years, can develop into a serious issue. Especially, when dealing with detrimental pests like carpenter ants, which chew the wood in homes to create tunnels for transportation.

Despite common misconceptions, there is still pest activity in the winter. Mice are common in the winter, as well as spiders, which are a year round pest. If you’re seeing pests like ants or wasps in the winter, its a strong indication that you have a large population living within the home over the winter. It’s important to address these issues each season, so that populations don’t have the time to grow significantly.

Our Quarterly Maintenance Program, backed by the Spidexx Ultimate Protection Guarantee means that whenever an issue arises in your home, Spidexx is just a phone call away to take on the job!

Custom Tailored Solutions for Your Home

What does that mean for you? That means that each time our technician arrives at your home, they will provide you with a foundation service, which will include a barrier treatment on the exterior of your home. We then perform targeted treatment on the interior of the home, using proven techniques for targeting different pests. We understand that most pest activity goes undetected within homes, often in wall or floor voids, and low traffic areas in the home.

We understand that activity will arise from time-to-time, and our Spidexx Ultimate Protection Guarantee means that we will return and re-treat any additional activity, at no extra cost throughout your service. Larger pest populations sometimes also require more specialized treatments to exterminate, and keep them out. We will always suggest the best solution to meet your unique needs. We’re always just a phone call away to answer questions, and schedule a follow up service.

Trained and Licensed Technicians

After you schedule an appointment with a friendly member of our office staff, you will be greeted by a trained, and licensed technician who will help to create a plan of action to make, and keep your home pest free, year-round. If you have any questions, our technicians are able to get a look at what you’re seeing, and are the best people for the job! All of our technicians have undergone licensing requirements by the state, and have completed the in-depth Spidexx training, before they are ready to service your home.

We Tackle Specialty Pests

If you’ve been dealing with more aggressive pests like cockroaches or bed bugs, then we understand that you’re looking for a professional exterminator who will get the job done! We walk you through each step of the process to preparing for services, and follow up to ensure that the pest issue has been resolved. We utilize the industries top techniques to get invasive pests like roaches and bed bugs out of the home! Our technician will arrive at your door, ready to answer any questions, and explain his process. If you talk to a knowledgeable member of our office staff, they can help prepare you to ensure the highest effectiveness of service, and schedule any follow up visits needed to remove the insect from your home.

Protect Your Home and Call Spidexx Today!

Give us a call at (855) 925-3550 to schedule your first service, and keep unwanted guests out of your home. We’re available to help you understand what types of activity is present in your home, the best prevention tips you can utilize, and to treat any and all activity as it arises throughout the year.

Ultimate Protection Guarantee

Our unmatched Ultimate Protection Guarantee protects your home all year long.


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