centipede next to bathroom drain

Why Do I Keep Finding Bugs In My Bathroom?

Bugs. You don't want them in your home, but you can't seem to get rid of them! And it seems like they love to gather in your bathrooms! Why is that? What makes a bathroom so attractive to pests?

Below, let's explore the reasons why bugs are drawn to areas like bathrooms and basements and what you can do to keep them out.

Most Pests Love Moisture

One reason bugs are attracted to bathrooms is that they're typically wetter than other areas of the house. Bugs are drawn to moisture, so a muggy bathroom or basement is like a beacon for them. Some common household pests that thrive in humid environments include cockroachessilverfishcentipedes, and millipedes.

Additionally, insects and other types of bugs (like arachnids and arthropods) are cold-blooded, so they are also attracted to heat. Bathrooms usually have higher temperatures than the rest of the home due to all the steam from showers and baths. Bugs will be particularly attracted to the warm shelter your bathroom provides during the colder months of the year.

How to Prevent Pest Problems in Your Bathroom

To keep pests out of your bathroom, you need to make it less attractive to them. Start by reducing the moisture in the room as much as possible:

  • Make sure to use the exhaust fan while showering and for at least 30 minutes afterward. It's also a good idea to run the exhaust fan after taking a hot bath.
  • Don't leave wet towels or clothes lying around.
  • Wipe up any water that splashes on the floor or walls immediately.
  • Fix any leaks in your plumbing so that water doesn't build up anywhere. Bathroom leaks commonly occur in old faucets and showerheads, underneath sinks, and behind toilets.
  • If you have a bathroom window, open it to let fresh air in and help reduce the humidity in the room.
  • You can also use a dehumidifier to help keep the air dry in a bathroom with poor ventilation.
  • Repair your bathroom's window screens to keep bugs from getting in from outdoors.

By following these tips, you can make your bathroom less inviting to pests and help keep them out of your home.

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