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What to Expect From Mouse Control

What to Expect from Mice Control

Just about everyone experiences mice inside their home at some time. Mice are very commonly found indoors in the winter; and if left untreated can turn into an infestation quickly. A single female mouse can birth about 55 pups per year. If you’ve been battling mice in your home and are looking to hire a professional, here is what you can expect when you choose Spidexx.

Start-to-Finish Service

Many pest control companies will come out and throw traps or baits down and call it a day. Here at Spidexx, we take a start-to-finish approach to mouse control, which includes three steps:

  1. Inspection

  2. Baiting

  3. Exclusion

Our main goal is to determine how mice are getting into your home. It’s important to identify and seal off entry points for mice every year. We offer multiple follow-up services to check bait stations, follow-up on exclusion work, and understand your home's activity levels.

Worry-Free Protection

Mice carry diseases and can damage your home. We understand how important it is to eliminate them quickly, which is why we offer worry-free protection. When you hire Spidexx, you can reclaim the time you’ve spent researching how to get rid of mice, driving to stores, and setting traps. We not only do the work for you, but we also make scheduling quick and easy!

Safe and Effective Treatments

Safety is our #1 priority; second is eliminating mice. We use pest & child safe products that have been rated for use in schools, hospitals, daycares and kennels.

Choose Spidexx for Safe Mouse Control

When you choose Spidexx, you choose custom pest solutions from a small business. We take the worry out of mice control, so you can feel safe inside your home.

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