mouse on brown shoe

What's That Scratching Noise?

With temperatures quickly dropping outside, it's not entirely uncommon for mice to try to make their way into your home this season. Here are some tell-tale signs that you could have an unwanted visitor.


One sign you may have mice in your home is finding droppings. Fresh droppings are often dark and moist, while older droppings are typically gray, and easily crumble when moved. You may see them near food packaging, drawers or cupboards, underneath sinks or along walls.

Ammonia like Odor

Another sign may be an ammonia-like odor. This is usually associated with the urine that mice tend to leave behind as they make their way into your home. It also acts as a trail left behind by the mouse to find its way.

Gnaw Marks

Have you ever noticed random gnaw marks on items that make no sense? It may be another sign of mice. Because mice have teeth that constantly grow quickly, they have to maintain them by gnawing on hard inedible objects.

Tracks and Runways

Noticing smudges or marks that seem to appear out of nowhere? They may be another sign that you have mice living rent free in your home. If you have such a suspecting area, try to place a fine layer of flour. If you do have activity, chances are you'll see the marks.


Mice tend to use materials like fabric, dried plants, or paper as materials to build their nests. If you notice a pile of these things, it's another sure sign that you have activity and rodents are present.

Noises At Night!

Mice are nocturnal, so if you hear any scurrying underneath the floors, or in between walls at night, chances are you have ongoing activity. If you have pets they may even be fixated on the area that the noises are coming from.