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4 Common Indoor Spiders

Living in the Midwest, we’re sure you’re no stranger to spiders, especially indoors during the winter. Below we will learn more about four common spiders that are found indoors in the Midwest. You don’t need to keep asking yourself questions like, “what attracts spiders in the house”, and “why are there so many spiders in my house,”; just trust the experts at Spidexx to create a custom-tailored treatment plan to get spiders out of your house! We’re the top choice in the Midwest for safe effective spider control. 

Wolf Spider 

These moderately large sized spiders measure around ¼”-1” in length, and their bodies are lined with black and dark brown hair. They are a very common giant house spider found in the Midwest, and wander inside in search of prey. Outdoors they’re found close to the ground, often under rocks or wood piles. They move rapidly, which combined with their size makes them a scary pest for many homeowners. 

Sac Spider 

These small-medium sized spiders have a lighter yellow or pale color. During the daytime, they hide out in sac-like webs, which gives them their nickname. They hunt during the night. Indoors they are often found on the ceilings, where the wall and ceiling meet in corners. 

Fishing Spider

Commonly found near water sources, such as swamps, rivers, and lakes, fishing spiders are the largest spiders in the northern Midwest. Their average size is 1” in length, and brown/grey in color, with white markings. They are able to skate across water in search of prey.

Jumping Spider

The Jumping Spider is named because it can jump quickly onto their prey. They are small spiders with dark coloring and white markings. They possess the ability to run sideways and backward and move very quickly. They have some of the best vision of any spiders, seeing up to 8” away. 

Protect Your Home From Spiders This Fall

Here at Spidexx, we pride ourselves in our top-quality customer service, knowledgeable technicians, and utilizing the safest, best spider repellents on the market! We understand that spiders become a major concern for homeowners in the fall, and understand the important steps to reduce spider activity in the home.  Call and speak with a member of our customer service team at (844) 922-7732, who can help assess and address the issue over the phone, and provide a free quote for year-round spider control!