a bee rests on a leaf at high magnification

8 Insane Insect Videos You Don’t Want to Miss

High Fiving Praying Mantis

This praying mantis is awesome, and he looks like such a friendly guy!

The Roach Whisperer?

Now this is a unique hobby…not one that we’re particularly keen on. Kudos to this girl for following her dreams and passions. Major kudos to the parents who support her in it!

The Insect Superhero Alliance

If these bugs all joined together to form an insect superhero alliance, what would their name be?

Attack of the Flying Mayflies

This sounds like a sci-fi novel that ends with the Mayflies revealing they are aliens.

This is definitely not the bridge you want to take your evening stroll on, that’s for sure.

Watch this Mantis Take Down a Mouse!

We had no clue that Praying Mantises could fest on such large prey. They typically feed on small insects such as crickets, flies, mosquitoes, moths, roaches, spiders, and grasshoppers; but sometimes feast on larger prey like mice, lizards, and frogs.

1000’s of Termites…a Homeowner Nightmare

Luckily for our customers, termites aren’t common in the Midwest. Now, if you had 1000s of Carpenter Ants, which are very common…then that’s a Midwestern homeowner's nightmare.

Check Out Inside This Wasp Nest

The intricacy of their home is amazing. They definitely are working together to create their community. Humans could learn a lot from wasps.